How To Make
A Giant Impression
On Someone:
Send something fun,
personalized and edible...
a Giant Fortune Cookie

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* Huge Cookie: 7" x 5"
* Weighs Over a Pound
* Foot-Long Message
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Whether you’re shopping for a gift to impress a client, your boss, your boyfriend or even your future mother-in-law, nothing says you’re an original, thoughtful person like sending a huge, customized fortune cookie. These fresh-baked, made-in America treats are truly giants among cookies:
* each giant fortune cookie weighs over a pound
* each giant fortune cookie measures 7” X 5”
* each giant fortune cookie comes with your foot-long message

Our fortune cookies are baked with loving care, by hand in our Indianapolis bakery. Each one is made from the finest ingredients, including high quality Belgian chocolate. These are not cardboard-tasting fortune cookies like you’ve been served in restaurants. Nope, these dandies are flavored with fresh vanilla bean for a wonderful taste sensation. Have your giant cookie dipped in either white, milk or decadent dark chocolate, then add festive candy sprinkles, and you’ve chosen a present that won’t be forgotten.
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The unexpected size of these cookies may cause long-lasting smiles and gasps of joy - from birthday parties to boardrooms, from bachelor parties to baby showers. The list of ways to use giant fortune cookies is, well, HUGE!
Your GIANT fortune cookie comes with a giant custom message 12" long!

* Propose—put your marriage proposal in writing so she can keep it forever
* Invite someone to prom
* Celebrate a graduation
* Honor a retiree
* Announce your new baby
* Tell someone in the military you’re thinking of them
* Focus on a big, milestone birthday
* Become a Secret Admirer
* Thank someone for being helpful
* Send a unique holiday gift (with tasty gingerbread!)
* Congratulate a new citizen with our patriotic cookie
* Wish someone well as they start a new job or move to a new home
Because our giant fortune cookies are so big, if you have the cookie delivered to yourself first, you can even tuck your own additional goodies inside them. Here are some ideas for things to insert:
* For a child’s birthday, money or a gift card
* For Mom or Dad, coupons for extra chores
* For your sweetheart, coupons for a night out
* For your trusty assistant, a gift card to a restaurant
* For clients, a special sales offer
Big fortune cookies bring good fortune to your business
With 340 characters of space to create your custom fortune, you can really make a big impact. That makes these perfect for so many business situations:
* Client appreciation gifts
* Special customer sales promotions (a surefire way to guarantee your message WILL get read!)
* New hire welcome gift
* Employee birthday gifts
* Press releases that get noticed
* Client invitations to a company event
* Thank you gifts - great as part of goodie bags for special guests or presenters, since each one contains a totally personal message
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